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  • Castle of Chaos Haunted House
  • Castle of Chaos Haunted House

The Castle of Chaos is Utah's Best Haunted House. Named one of America's Best Haunted Attractions by The Travel Channel and in 2015 by USA Today, Castle is also Utah's only completely underground haunted attraction. You choose your level of Fear, from Monster Be Gone to X-Scream Hands on Horror, will you go all the way? Castle has increased the intensity in 2015 with secret rooms and other surprises.

Website :
7980 S State Street
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84047

Contact Phone : 801-856-6034
Email :

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Named "One of America's most extreme Halloween Attractions" by USA Today Top10 in 2015, the Castle of Chaos' new location on 8000 S State Street in SLC is waiting. Will you descend into the darkness?


Want to have a haunted house experience that is so terrifying, you have to sign a waiver to participate? Well now is your chance. Castle of Chaos is the exclusive home of OPTIONAL "HANDS ON HORROR"! Will you sign your waiver? - $20


October 2-31, Sun-Sat, Nov 6,7,13,14 - 7:30-10 Sunday-Thur, 7:30-12 Fri/Sat

Castle of Chaos
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Scare Factor
8.8 Skulls
9 Skulls
8.9 Skulls
Sets, Detail, Theming
9 Skulls
Special FX
8.6 Skulls
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Want to have a haunted house experience that is so terrifying, you have to sign a waiver to participate? Well now is your chance. Castle of Chaos is the exclusive home of OPTIONAL "HANDS ON HORROR"! Will you sign your waiver? - $20

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Boring and dull
They had a great location in taylorsville! It was awesome with the greatest "exit" ever! Now it's just dumb. New location sucks, props and scenes are mediocre. Don't waste your money.
Posted 09/12/2016
Castle of chaos
Awesome haunted house for being a new locations the Hands On upgrade was so worth it. 10++++++
Posted 11/19/2015
Not even close to a bang for your buck
This haunted house sucked! The que and entrance doesn't even feel like a haunted house. The actors aren't extreme, and aren't scary at all. The decorations are cheap and unrealistic, and wasn't very scary at all. It was more awkward... I do not recommend this to anyone! For real haunted houses, go to Fear Factory, the Haunted Circus or Nightmare on 13th. Nightmare on 13th was my favorite.. The decorations are detailed and perfect, it kept you on your feet and I enjoyed every second of it! Not to mention Castle of Chaos was more expensive and took us 20 minutes to walk through SLOWLY. Nightmare on 13th was a full hour!
Posted 10/24/2015
awesome haunted house
What a awesome haunted house considering a they had moved and didn't have time to get ready on such short notice.. And I know next year will be just as good as not better keep up the good work allegra
Posted 10/22/2015
Best Experience
I had such a great experience here this year the new location is Amazing!!! It starts with an amazing decline with a set that looks like you are entering a dungeon. I got their Hands on Horror and it was soooooo rad the monsters there seemed to be in great control of there actions I was terrified by the make up but never for my safety. They have great options for everyone with the four levels of fear for children and the weak of heart they have a Monster be gone that is used to scare the monsters away from them rather than getting terrorized. I definitely recommend getting hands on level 4 exscream hands on!! I will definitely be back and would recommend anyone to come check it out for sure!!!!
Posted 10/16/2015
Not worth your money
This haunted house used to be very fun and exciting. I'm not sure what happened once they changed their location but this haunted house was not worth my money or my time. It's not even worth one star!(I had to select 1 to even leave this review) If you have to go you better get hands on because I can only imagine if I had not paid extra to do hands on I would be even more upset. I even went in with a great attitude and ready to be scared but it was the exact opposite. If they want to keep making money they need to step it up and make it longer. This haunt was less than 20 minutes and Childs play (and I'm not talking about Chucky) please take my comment into consideration before wasting your money. You're welcome!
Posted 10/13/2015

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